Who We Are



The AIC Madagascar volunteers respond to the needs of more than 6000 people suffering from poverty, violence and exclusion, mostly women, children, and families. Their activities are concentrated on registering births, schooling, nutrition and the education of disadvantaged children, as well as training, literacy classes, health, income-generating activities and empowering mothers who are often widows or abandoned. Most of these beneficiaries live in poverty and do not enjoy any rights. We encourage them through development and emancipation projects. These projects, which respect their habits and customs, help them to solve their biggest problems. AIC projects have a strong impact on sustainable community development as well, especially through collaboration with national and international programs e.g. to fight malnutrition among infants, malaria, AIDS/HIV and tuberculosis, vaccination programs, programs for breastfeeding mothers and the protection of natural resources.



Our Vision: Against all forms of poverty and their causes - Acting together

Our foundation is Vincentian spirituality, the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church and the promotion and protection of Human Rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural, including the right to develop.

"Love the poor through the sweat of our arms."

"They are our Lords and masters."

"Look at the other side of the coin and you will see Jesus Christ."

Saint Vincent de Paul