How We Work



Listening and Participation

AIC volunteers listen to the most vulnerable people and help them to participate in the projects which affect them.

Closeness and Building Relationships

Their actions are based on real knowledge of their beneficiaries with whom they are in close contact every day.

Our History

IRAK'I MD VINCENT DE PAUL - AIC MADAGASCAR was founded in Manakara (the Farafangana Diocese) in 1988 by 5 volunteers in collaboration with the Daughters of Charity. The aim was to respond to the growing number of street children, thus implementing Vincentian spirituality which asks us to serve the poorest of the poor materially, morally and spiritually.

Today we are more than 150 volunteers organized in 15 groups (see the map) responding to the need of about 6000 people suffering from poverty, most of them women and children.

Madagascan Culture

In keeping with the local culture, AIC Madagascar volunteers feel connected to all people as members of one and the same divine family.