Our Projects


By supporting these projects you will make a difference to people's lives.



Mutual Health Plan

Setting up a mutual health insurance plan which, through a small monthly contribution, allows poor mothers and their families to benefit from free health care and free medicine as well as providing help and regular training for women, young people and children in health, hygiene, and prevention, offered by AIC volunteers who have been specifically trained for this task.


  • Activity: Healthcare
  • Location: Manakara
  • Length of time: No time limit
  • Funding for hospital care, any contribution is welcome.
  • How your money will be used: To include women who cannot pay the full contribution required, and to establish a fund for more expensive treatments of illnesses such as cancer.



Micro-Credit Fund

Setting up a micro-credit fund for mothers to enable them to be financially independent, to become agents in their own development and to take their place in society by making use of their own skills.


  • Activity: To promote sustainable economic development
  • Location: Anosizato, Manakara, Fianarantsoa
  • Length of time: No time limit
  • Funding for the establishment of a local micro-credit fund in order to finance income-generating activities for single mothers. Any contribution is welcome: donation or credit.
  • How your money will be used: To set up a local micro-credit fund to support income-generating activities through repayable micro-credits.



The Tsiry Project

In collaboration with the Vincentian Family and Caritas in the diocese of Farafangana, the Tsiry project offers training and literacy classes for children and adults in disadvantaged areas and villages, in close collaboration with the local community and through local teachers, trained through the project. So far 12 training units have been set up and more than 650 participants have completed the programme.


  • Activity: Education
  • Location: Diocese of Farafangana
  • Length of time: No time limit
  • Amount needed to provide one child with a warm meal for a month: 12 Euros
  • How your money will be used: To give a hot meal to the children taking part in the programme to stop them leaving in order to work or beg, and also to increase their concentration.



The Akany Avotra Centre

Rebuilt in 2011, this project was set up in 1995 by the volunteers in Tolagnaro, who take care of the schooling, nutrition and education and accommodation of about 60 street children, orphans and children whose mothers are in prison. The volunteers do everything they can for "their children" but they need your help: Every year, young people leave the orphanage after finishing school, most of them with a good school leaving certificate, some without. The volunteers would like to continue to accompany and support both groups through vocational training or studies. For the costs of this, they depend on additional donations. Especially the students, and especially in times of Corona, Internet and a reasonably sufficient supply of (mostly second-hand) computers are needed as well.

  • Activity: Education, healthcare
  • Location:Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin)
  • Length of time: No time limit
  • How your money will be used: To finance studies at Universities or vocational training and the computers and Internet needed for students and home-schooling.



Duck Rearing for 50 Poor Mothers

Since many years mothers, widows and abandoned women have been able to benefit from a duck-rearing project and from the sale of ducks and duck eggs. Because of the smooth running of this AIC project in Fianarantsoa, which amongst other things, won the AIC Jean Delva Prize, 50 other mothers contacted the AIC volunteers to take part in the project. These women cannot feed their children in spite of their hard work (doing washing or carrying bricks). Most of them are illiterate, and they have often entered into a traditional marriage, and not a civil marriage. They suffer the consequences of this, finding themselves left alone to raise their children.


  • Activity: To generate income
  • Location: Fianarantsoa
  • Length of time: No time limit
  • Funding: 1,870 Euros for 50 women.
  • How your money will be used: To buy and distribute ducks to 50 mothers, heads of the household, to enable them to rear ducks, and to sell ducks and duck eggs. To help them and to provide literacy classes given by AIC volunteers who have been trained for this task.



A Roof First of All

Using wood and leaves from the "Madagascan Traveller's Tree", AIC Manakara builds traditional houses for single mothers, abandoned mothers or widows who, with their children, live in the streets or under market carts. Can you imagine their joy at having a house, an address and a key, receiving training from AIC, sending their children to school? We have already built more than 120 houses but the waiting list keeps on getting longer.


  • Activity: Accommodation
  • Location: Manakara
  • Length of time: No time limit
  • Financing: 120,00 Euros per house
  • How your money will be used: To build and make available a small house in the local style for homeless mothers and young people.